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24/7 Access

The darkroom is for early birds as well as late risers. Since I find opening hours limiting, this place is accessible 24 hours, seven days a week. Work, whenever you want to!

24/7 Access

Come in!

Your first time?
Feel free to ask about the opening hours. The darkroom is open only irregularly. You can reach me via contact form
, Instagram or mail.


You have been here before?
For those who want to work independently, a key will be given after the first visit, so there is access at any time. Completely flexible, without restrictions. Be sure to bring an ID document for the key handover.

Blockdammweg 1
ground floor
10317 Berlin
Tram 21: Köpenicker Chaussee/Blockdammweg


For everyone!
And free of charge!

Wait, What?

via PayPal

Darkroom Fiasko is intended as a low-threshold offer for artists and photographers.

So if you're broke, you don't have to give up art; here you can also work without a budget.

Ideally, you should bring your own consumables. Paper and chemistry from the darkroom can also be used/shared.

If you can afford it, the darkroom will be happy about a donation! Somehow the rent has to be paid.

For orientation:
Comparable darkrooms in Berlin
charge 6 € to 18 € per hour without chemistry and paper.
I recommend a donation of 30 € per day for normal
earners (3200€ gross/month).

Fomapan Variant Multigrade RC paper costs between 0.21 € (10x15 cm) and 1.60 € (30x40 cm) per sheet when purchased new.

Alles da



Printing from negatives

Enlargements from 35mm to 6x7 medium format in color and b/w up to 30 cm x 40 cm are possible.


Color head and multigrade filter,

Adox Neutol, Foma Multigrade RC Paper up to 30x40 cm,

50mm, 80mm & 105mm lens,
Jobo Colordrum and CPA2 for color prints,
focus magnifier and Durst Luxoneg.

15 Kopie_edited.jpg


Black and white with Rodinal,
C41 & E6 wit Cinestill Kit, ECN-2


Development tanks for up to seven 35mm Films or three 220 films, Jobo Cascade,
Jobo CPA2 and a Sous-Vide-Stick.



You can scan your negatives with your own DSLR from a copystand.


light box 35 cm x 24 cm with CRI 96+,

Essential Film Holder by Clifforth for 35mm and up to 6x9 medium format,

Please take note:
For digitizing you have to bring your own digital camera with lens. If needed, I can lend you my Nikon 60 mm macro and Nikon to Sony adapter.



You can dry matte and glossy fiber based paper up to 30 cm x 40 cm.


And on the clothesline in the bathroom
For all other papers and films.



Click the button below for detailed information about workshops!

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