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24/7 Access

The darkroom is open for early birds as well as late risers. Since I find opening hours limiting, this place is open 24 hours, seven days a week. Work, whenever you want to!

24/7 Access

Come in!

The doors are always open. For those who want to work independently, a key is handed over so that there is access at all times. Completely flexible, without restrictions.

Be sure to bring an identification document for the key handover.

Blockdammweg 1
ground floor
10317 Berlin
Tram 21: Köpenicker Chaussee/Blockdammweg


For everyone!
And free of charge!

Wait, What?

via PayPal

Darkroom Fiasko is intended as a low-threshold offer for artists and photographers.

So if you're broke, you don't have to give up art; here you can also work without a budget.

Ideally, you should bring your own consumables. Paper and chemistry from the darkroom can also be used/shared.

If you can afford it, the darkroom will be happy about a donation! Somehow the rent has to be paid.

For orientation:
Comparable darkrooms in Berlin
charge 6 € to 18 € per hour without chemistry and paper.

Fomapan Variant RC paper, for example, costs between 0.21 € (10x15 cm) and 1.60 € (30x40 cm) per sheet when purchased new.

Alles da



Printing from negatives

Enlargements from 35mm to 6x7 medium format in color and b/w up to 30 cm x 40 cm are possible.


Color head and multigrade filter,

50mm, 80mm & 105mm lens,
Jobo Colordrum and CPA2 for color prints,
focus magnifier and Durst Luxoneg.

15 Kopie_edited.jpg


Black and white,
C41, E6 & ECN-2


Development tanks for up to seven 35mm Films or three 220 films, Jobo Cascade,
Jobo CPA2 and a Sous-Vide-Stick.



You can scan your negatives with your own DSLR from a copystand.


light box 35 cm x 24 cm with CRI 96+,

Essential Film Holder by Clifforth for 35mm and up to 6x9 medium format,

Please take note:
For digitizing you have to bring your own digital camera with lens. If needed, I can lend you my Nikon 60 mm macro and Nikon to Sony adapter.



You can dry matte and glossy fiber based paper up to 30 cm x 40 cm.


And on the clothesline in the bathroom
For all other papers and films.



Click the button below for detailed information about workshops!

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